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Super-fast fiber internet is here in Sandwich!

NH Broadband, powered by New Hampshire Electric Cooperative, is proud to partner with fiber-optic internet leader Conexon Connect to offer super-fast and reliable internet. This makes it possible for our community to access the full spectrum of online resources, tools and applications. NH Broadband represents your trusted local cooperative, committed to delivering the quality internet service and support you deserve.

Trust your local cooperative to provide you with:

  • The same fast speeds for uploading and downloading
  • No buffering or delay
  • Reliable connections
  • No data caps or throttling
  • Local service
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World-Class Fiber Broadband Service & Products

Residential Pricing
2 Gigabit (2,000 Mbps) Internet*
Includes managed Wi-Fi with Conexon Connect router and Safe & Secure package
1 Gigabit (1,000 Mbps) Internet
(customer must supply wireless router^)
100 Mbps Internet
(customer must supply wireless router^)
HD-Quality Phone Service
Unlimited local and long-distance calls
with Internet package
stand-alone service plus local taxes and fees
Internet Add-ons
Managed Wi-Fi Service $4.95/month
Includes Conexon Connect router
Safe & Secure Package $3/month
Only available with Managed Wi-Fi
Extended Wi-Fi Service $3/month
per extender per device

*Ultimate offers download speeds of up to 2 gigabits per second: upload speeds are typically between 1 and 2 gigabits per second. 2 gigabit speeds can be obtained by directly connecting via ethernet cable to the ONT. The device conducting the speed test must be capable of sending and receiving data at a minimum of 2 gigabits of throughput.

^Conexon Connect cannot support or troubleshoot customer-supplied wireless routers.